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Tips for Coding Admission and Discharge Care Data Sets
Tips for Coding CMS Admission and Discharge Care Data Sets

“Tips For Coding” will provide information necessary for accurately scoring an admission and a discharge CARE Data Set within Vindicet©. It is designed specifically for the users of the of the Vindicet© LTACH Quality Reporting Program module. Users that follow these “TIPs” can be more confident that the scoring of each section and fields within those sections will greatly reduce or eliminate the chance of creating errors. When a completed assessment is sent to CMS it is placed through a series of checks which determines the presence of warning errors and fatal errors. Any single fatal error in an assessment will reject the record. A rejected record must be revised and re-submitted which is time consuming and inefficient. This booklet contains the instructions for scoring each field in the admission and discharge assessment and is formatted such that the user can simply refer to a single column for the most important information when scoring the field. In addition there is another column that Assessment Coordinators can reference when approving closed assessments.

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  • $150.00 each (online product support included)
  • $625 for a set of 10 (online product support included)
  • Additional coding training available by contract


The information and data TIPS provided by CARE Data Sets is presented for informational purposes only and is accurate as of its date of publication. It is the provider’s responsibility to report the codes that accurately describe the products and services furnished to individual patients. Reimbursement is dynamic. Laws and regulations regarding reimbursement change frequently and providers are solely responsible for all decisions related to coding and billing including determining, if and under what circumstances, it is appropriate to seek reimbursement for products and services and obtaining pre-authorization, if necessary. For these reasons, providers are advised to contact Medicare and/or specific payers if they have any questions regarding billing, coverage and payment. Dubuis Health System, Inc., makes no representation or warranty regarding this information or its completeness or accuracy and will bear no responsibility for the results or consequences of the use of this information. CPT codes and descriptors are copyrighted by the American Medical Association (AMA).

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