What is an LTAC?

An LTAC is a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital. It is a hospital that provides care for the medically complex, catastrophically injured or critically ill patient. LTAC hospitals meet the needs of those patients who no longer require the intensive services of a short-term acute care hospital, but whose medical conditions are too complex for transfer to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or sub-acute care facility. When a patient’s health improves to the level at which they no longer require acute care, they are discharged to an appropriate facility or to home or home health care. The average length of stay for an LTAC patient is typically 25 days.

While in our care, patients are treated with dignity, respect and compassion. We believe in involving the family in the care process as well. From treatment plans to discharge details, our entire team of caregivers diligently works with the patient and the family to ensure all aspects of care are addressed throughout treatment
and recovery.

When Health Factors Necessitate An Extended Hospital Stay, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals Can Often Provide The Most Cost-Effective Option.